Averaging Hours Agreement Ontario

The need for an irregular distribution of hours is usually due to external factors over which a company has little or no influence, most often on climatic and seasonal requirements. An example is working with long hours during the summer season to perform repairs to devices that cannot be done easily during the winter months. In this situation, it would be permissible to form an average, since the number of hours planned varies from one hour to the next. As in the first example, the number of hours actually worked differs from the hours planned, but this factor has no influence on the ability to take charge of the staffing. Companies in certain sectors may have regular schedules where working hours do not vary from month to month throughout the year, with the exception of abnormally high peaks, for example.B. at the time of planting or harvesting or, in case of non-movement of personnel in the domestic movement sector, during the summer months. If overtime worked during these periods produces peaks that cannot be absorbed and compensated, a longer average time is justified. Canada`s labour standards rules require an employer who wishes to work average hours or change the number of weeks during the average period to publish a notice of the employer`s intent at least 30 days in advance and provide a copy of the notification to the Labour Regional Leader and any union representing the affected workers subject to a collective agreement. (Article 6(3)). In most jobs, the hours you work more than 44 hours a week are overtime. The examples below show the difference between the amount of overtime you receive with or without a fund agreement if: Before your employer can continue to use the medication, they need your consent.

You can agree to receive overtime as paid free time instead of overtime pay. This means that for every hour of overtime you work, you get 1 hour and 2 hours (1 hour and 30 minutes) of free time. Workers can now agree (in writing) with their employer that their overtime will be worked over a period not exceeding four consecutive weeks. Employers are no longer required to obtain the authorization of the Director….