Asbestos Removal Framework Agreements

This framework includes work to measure and remove asbestos materials and restore disturbed areas. Sprinkler surveyAviron Identification of an air sample and fibre countingS investigation reports on remote sensing removalWorks to transfer asbestos-containing materialsThe tests were the subject of a separate tender for asbestos removal, as EEM believes that it is appropriate to have two separate contractors for each element. To continue with this framework with the mini-method of competition, please fill out the form. One of our team will contact you as soon as possible. obtaining a five-year framework for the provision of asbestos testing services from a single supplier. The services under the framework are provided through the JCT XXX Call-Off Contract. For more details, please refer to the order documents. XX Suppliers are invited to launch a call for tenders following the short list of the SQ phase. – asbestos sampling, analysis and reporting; 71630000-3 Technical Inspection and Testing Services 45262660-5 Asbestos Removal Work 90650000-8 Asbestos Removal Services 71315300-2 Building Survey Services 7135 5000-1 Surveying Services 79311300-0 Survey Analysis Services 71600000-4 Technical Testing, Analysis and Consulting Services 71620000-0 Analytical Services – All Other Work Related to Asbestos Removal, Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM) is a non-profit consortium that has established a number of framework contracts are founded and managed. We now have 180 public sector organisations, including housing companies and SLMOs, local authorities, NHS trusts, training providers, rescue services, government agencies and charities. EEM has also established a formal collaboration with 3 like-minded purchasing consortia: Westworks, South East Consortium and Advantage South West.

EEM is setting up this call for tenders in order to obtain an asbestos framework to replace our existing framework. The framework is divided into the following service packages: NFP`s asbestos removal framework is OJEU compliant and designed to meet the customer`s legal obligations under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 by a specialist contractor to assist in the removal of identified materials. All existing and/or future LGSS partners have automatic access to all our executives. LGSS current partners and other organisations that delegate services but are not limited: Notify me of the next opportunity to join this framework Contact us for full specifications and prices In addition to the working electricity lots mentioned above, the framework is subdivided into geographical under-coverage: UK-Derbyshire: Asbestos deconcentrating services are able to use both lots when applying for both lots, they must ensure that they have a clear process on site to prove segregation of duties. Contractors applying for both lots should bear in mind that contracting authorities reserve the right to separate their asbestos examination and removal requirements and to contact separate organisations if they so wish. If you are not currently an LGSS partner, you can still use this framework through an access agreement. This framework is provided by Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM) on behalf of its members and the other organisations described below as authorised users. The following contracting authorities are authorised to agree and award contracts under this Framework Agreement: for more details on the authorised users of this Framework, see the ITT documents. To respond to this call for tenders or verify documentation, please contact: – Asbestos management surveys for non-residential buildings, including areas of community blocks, garages and community centres, the framework will support EEM members by providing a cadre of contractors accredited by UKAS and with appropriate experience in conducting asbestos analysis and asbestos removal studies and services; Remediation and disposal work in accordance with the Asbestos Control Regulations 2012 and all relevant laws, approved codes of conduct (ACOPs) and HSE guidelines.

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