Sofa Agreement Malta

Moreover, the motivation for such an agreement is supposed to lie in the fact that long years of high-level corruption and the sneaky promotion of Malta as a money laundering centre have made this agreement necessary, so that our country is not blacklisted as a financial services. This necessity confirms and attempts to conceal Malta`s lax application, other than the direct promotion of money laundering, which will lead to an erosion of our constitutional right to peace and neutrality. The visit came after the Times reported that the cabinet had agreed on SOFA, a deal long sought by the United States but controversial given Malta`s constitutional neutrality. Sources suggested that Malta would approve the agreement in exchange for US support for the Financial Action Task Force, in anticipation of a decisive assessment of Malta`s efforts to combat money laundering by the Council of Europe`s moneyval experts. But let me be clear – I don`t think an agreement on the American sofa should be signed at all costs, especially when it comes to Moneyval or when it comes to defrauding scammers, as many blogs suggest. Such an agreement defines the rights and privileges of foreign personnel, including the army, in the host country, in this case Malta. The agreement reported by the government for an agreement on the status of the armed forces (SOFA) with the United States – which would limit the Maltese jurisdiction of the US military in Malta – was remarkable by the absence of a joint statement by the Maltese and American authorities following a visit by US Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper to Malta. The President of the Republic, Dr. George Vella, is legally and morally obliged to reject this agreement because of its overt unconstitutionality. We also call on the Maltese people, especially the Labour Party activists who fought for the neutrality of the Maltese, to voice their opposition to SOFA. In the coming days, Moviment Graffitti will announce further initiatives against the SOFA agreement.

What is really at stake if we now sign the U.S. ON SOFA agreement? If we sign it, in the worst case scenario, a U.S. service provider who commits an abominable crime in Malta could be before a U.S. military court, which is before a Maltese court martial if there is an agreement on Malta`s abandonment of jurisdiction. Much has been said about the possible imminent signing of the Status of the Armed Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the United States. I am in favour of signing such an agreement, because I believe that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, both in terms of security and the economy. Not only is this clearly unconstitutional, but it also makes Malta a promoter of war and military aggression. It is indeed sad to see that the Maltese government is prepared to use nationalist slogans against the most vulnerable – asylum seekers – but then adheres to an agreement that humiliates our country and our interests. It is also ironic that the Maltese government is reaching an agreement that encourages war while complaining about the “burden” of refugees who feel these wars.