Wheat Midge Stewardship Agreement

The use of agricultural seeds is prohibited after one year after certification for midge-tolerant wheat to maintain the refuge at the level of 10 per cent. Producers must sign a trust agreement to ensure that the level of refuge is maintained. He explains that traders, retailers and seed producers need a new licensed distributor number to access the new system. This will be achieved by completing the updated retail training in midgetolerantwheat.ca and by signing a new dealer trust contract on MTWSA.ca. Producers can either source SWS seeds with the added shelter or voluntarily add AC Andrew shelters to their existing offerings. A bushel of AC Andrew on each 9 tolerant sweatshirt woods is the required ratio. If you are unable to obtain seeds or add shelter, spray insecticides to eliminate the possibility of a resistant midge. These agreements have recently been digitized and are recorded in an electronic database, says Mike Espeseth, communications director of the Western Grains Research Foundation and co-chair of the Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Committee. The program ensures that the integrated share of “refugee seeds” of products remains at 10 percent to maintain Sm1`s longevity.

In a spring 2017 survey of more than 1,000 wheat producers in Western Canada, 94.1% of Alberta-Growers agreed that having a trust program was essential to ensure that the effective lifespan of the midge tolerance gene is protected. The survey also found that 95.1 per cent are familiar with the mid-life tolerant wheat trust agreement. However, the results showed that new producers are less familiar with the agreement than existing producers. Over the past 10 years, farmers in Western Canada have deliberately planted 27 million hectares of wheat that are sensitive to the midge of the orange blossom — and have saved $1 billion in yield and quality losses. Two years ago, when older varieties of soft white wheat were found to also contain the Sm1 gene, growers were asked to voluntarily clean up products with a 10 per cent shelter, while seed suppliers caught up. Today, all new varieties of mid-age tolerant wheat (MTW) contain a refuge in the bag. The Canadian Plant Technology Agency monitors an online system set up by the Tolerant Wheat Stewardship midge team to improve stewardship agreement procedures for producers and retailers, which will help ensure the continued protection of the midge-tolerance gene while ensuring confidentiality and confidentiality.