Schwab Account Application Agreement

If a national company offers its shareholders the choice of receiving a cash or share dividend, we use your dividend-reinvestment choice as the basis for the allocation of future distributions. In other words, accounts that have chosen to have their dividends reinvested on the security concerned are credited with optional dividends with additional shares, while accounts that have chosen to collect their dividends in cash receive cash dividends. In addition to the above provisions, whether part of this agreement is or becomes a non-American member. This party, established at the time of a controversy under this arbitration agreement, recognizes and accepts the following additional provisions: in the event of an offer to exchange or purchase shares of the SCHW action, we will immediately forward requests for instruction to any account holder who has opted for the Schwab StockBuilderĀ® plan. We will not take any action regarding such an exchange or offer without specific instructions from you. When you allow us to act on your behalf, a fee is charged for regular service transactions. Fees for certain services and accounts are usually set in a price guide or pricing plan, for example. B example the Charles Schwab Price Guide or any other price guide that Schwab can provide based on the account (together the “price guides” and a “price guide” individually). The price leaders are the backers of this account agreement and are included in this account agreement. Services provided – Schwab`s electronic services allow you to enter orders to buy and sell securities, stock options and investment funds into your Schwab account and access stock price quotes, investment information and personal account information. Electronic services are accessible through computers, telephony or wireless transmissions on compatible private, home or small computers, including Internet devices equipped with modems, terminals and network computers, as well as various wireless devices.

You understand that you are solely responsible for the hardware, software or other technologies you use to access Schwab`s electronic services, so that Schwab`s electronic services, including Schwab`s future services, can be run to your satisfaction, or that you are responsible for the hardware, software or other technologies you use to access Schwab`s electronic services. Schwab is not responsible for the service difficulties due to the fact that you do not have sufficient technology to use Schwab`s electronic services to your satisfaction. The latest information on account agreements can be found at Any message we send to an account holder will be communicated to all account holders. You agree that Schwab, in compensation for services, retains the proportional share of your account in all interest generated on Schwab`s account for (1) assets awaiting investment or (2) assets until your account is distributed.