Flea Market Agreement

By registering with the TPRFM, you agree to respect all rules, rules, schedules, etc. You agree that the TPRFM may record and/or use photos, videos and/or recordings of your booth for advertising purposes in print or television advertisements, brochures, postcards, leaflets, websites and other marketing materials. You agree not to blame the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, LLC, its partners, its employees or its property if you do not make a profit. You understand that the Trenton Punk Rock flea market reserves the right to refuse any seller registration if it feels that the items for sale do not correspond to the DIY or punk-rock ethic of the primary mission of the event. You confirm that you have read the TPRFM seller`s agreement or that you have been given the opportunity to read and understand the TPRFM seller agreement. (d) the changes. This agreement can only be completed, amended or amended by the reciprocal written agreement of the parties. VENDOR FEES AND REFUNDS Your selling costs include your sales room and a 6` table. Chairs are not included in the price. We do not offer refunds once you have registered for any of our events. Suppliers can sell used, vintage and/or new items.

We limit the number of stationary companies that sell new items. Creditors can take an employee (host) to their table at no additional cost. If you want more than one person to participate in the flea market, you can pay the entrance fee for the flea market on the day of the event. (e) Merger. This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this Agreement, and all previous agreements, agreements and statements, orally or in writing, relating to this agreement are merged into this agreement. The Flea Market Booth Rental Agreement makes it easy for chip market operators and suppliers to fill out a smartphone or tablet rental agreement. (a) the allocation of space. After approval by FLEA and payment of the rental tax by the seller, FLEA grants the seller a license for the use of a (1) stand (space).

The seller is informed of the location of the space before the start or arrival on a market during the agreed configuration period at the market date or dates. A time frame and a walk-in or drive-in-drop-off method are also assigned to the lender. The supplier recognizes that the size, location and configuration of the supplier may vary. FLEA is authorized to market, position and determine, at its sole discretion, the allocation of space to all suppliers, including the seller, in the market; and, furthermore, provided the seller accepts all final conclusions. The supplier must not exceed the footprint of the space indicated by the creditor. The supplier stand rental app can be used for all types of suppliers, including food vendors, non-profit organizations, fairground screens and retail vendors. The form allows you to track contract details for the sales stand, including location, event date, rental fee, contact information and more. Once the credit area rental form has been completed, users can opt out electronically. PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow companies to advertise exclusively in our markets (i.e. set up information booths). The TPRFM does not offer refunds for our events. In the event that a festival is postponed or cancelled due to an act of God or otherwise, entries are rescheduled for a new date of the festival.

By registering for our events, you recognize this as our policy and accept it as our policy. Warning: Stephanie Sheldon [e-mail: stephanie@theclevelandflea.com] By signing below, I acknowledge and represent that I read, understood and voluntarily sign the waiver of the above responsibility as my own act and free act, including, but not only, the liability and compensation obligations contained in this document; I am sufficiently informed of the risks associated with the use of CRRGC to decide whether this document is subject to the article