Asic Cooperation Agreements

“Today`s expanded agreement underscores the commitment of ACF and ASIC to closer cooperation in fintech. Cooperation between regulators is an essential part of helping innovative companies in international legal systems to prosper and bring their products to market for the benefit of consumers. When we signed the initial agreement with ASIC in 2016, we said we hoped it would be the first in a series of others. I am happy to say that was certainly the case.¬†ASIC is a signatory to the ICO`s multilateral declaration of intent, IOSCO`s enhanced multilateral agreement on consultation and cooperation and information exchange, as well as the INCB administrative convention, as well as numerous international agreements and agreements. These documents specify the relationship between the signatory parties in terms of mutual assistance and the exchange of information for the purposes of enforcement and regulation with the respective laws and regulations of the signatory authorities. The CDPP also takes into account the cooperation you propose or offer when making its own repressive decisions in accordance with the Commonwealth`s repressive policy. If we pursue a minor criminal case, we will take your cooperation into consideration in determining: it explains the benefits of cooperating with our investigations and the factors we take into account when assessing cooperation. It covers the following themes: the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and ASIC have signed an enhanced cooperation agreement between their innovation centres to extend their existing cooperation and coordination agreement in the field of fintech innovation. The agreement is part of the largest Fintech bridge signed by the British Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Australian Treasurer.

ASIC participates in a series of important international regulatory forums, including the International Organization of Securities Commissions (ICO) and is a signatory to international cooperation agreements, including the ICO Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding and numerous bilateral declarations of intent.