What Is Trade Agreement In Ax 2012

Hello, I followed all the steps, but the price of the trade agreement is not at the PO. I activated the price set up in Proc – Sourcing too. Please advise you. I have a script. I created a sales contract for an item, now I want to use the same item in the order request. If I use this item in the order requirement, it brings the price, creditor and contract id of sale of this sales contract. My question is that there is a possibility with which I can use the sales contract in the order request. so, if I want, I can create a PR stand-alone PO at any other provider. I try to set up the price (sale) according to the steps you have indicated. However, if I try to book an order, the change in the amount of the sale has created a conflict with the tied selling position. Please change the error.

Today we will discuss in this article the functionality of trade agreements in AX 2012. There are many organizations in the market that give high priority to their suppliers or customers. And because both are negotiated as a priority, these are the agreements we call trade agreements. Thus, trade agreements are fixed price agreements or discounts put in place for debtors or lenders for the sale or purchase of products. If you have set a single price for one customer and a price for all customers, it is possible to disable “Find next” to ensure that AX always uses the individual price instead of the total customer price, even if the individual price is higher. This screenshot establishes lines of trade agreements for an article. “All” customers receive a nice low price of 10.00 USD. The ACBE customer alone receives a price of 15.00 USD. Note that “Find next” is not checked on the trade agreement line. 9. Once trade agreements are concluded, they are displayed under the group form under the Trade Agreements button.

Hello, thanks for your reply I did the same and I was able to make the trade agreement for the purchase, thanks for your leadership. If you don`t mind, you can tell me about the installation on the inventory register. I want the setup for the three types of motion recording and during the installation in the I-WM>>Journal>Journal Ask for details like the offset account and other details we need before creating The Journal…. well u me solution for this configuration only when creating a new configuration for the movement log in The Construction of I-WM. thanks in advance….. Hello, I just found this blog and I have a problem regarding how the trade agreement “think” in the choice of price. I have trade agreements with different prices for the same start and end period, as AX thinks? What price does AX take? I hope you`re okay. Thank you for your help for previous doubts I have a doubt, if you can help me in this regard, this will be very helpful.