Middle East Israel Peace Agreement

Ordinary Palestinians turned to social media to protest the deal and some also insulted Vae. Meanwhile, Abbas Zaki, a member of Fatah`s Central Committee, called the agreement a breakdown of the Arab consensus on the management of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He accused the United Arab Emirates of betraying Arabs and Palestinians before asking the ANP to withdraw its ambassador from the United Arab Emirates and also called on the Arab League to cancel the 2002 Arab peace initiative. [68] The decision of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to normalize relations with Israel was made with the knowledge and approval of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh may act differently, but it clearly agrees with this new direction for the Middle East. The recent agreements with Israel are therefore only the tip of the iceberg in terms of changes in the region`s strategies and we must wait to see what the long-term prospects of these agreements really are. The South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation regretted that the agreement was reached without consultation with the Palestinians, although the agreement was linked to their future, and noted that the agreement did not guarantee a permanent suspension of the annexation of parts of the West Bank. [124] Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a senior adviser to President Mahmoud Abbas, read an official statement in which Palestinian leaders rejected the agreement and called it a betrayal of Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinians. [63] The Palestinian Authority (PNA) recalled its ambassador from Abu Dhabi. [64] [65] Palestinian leaders also said that Hamas leader called Ismail Haniyeh Abbas and rejected the agreement, which Reuters called a “rare manifestation of unity.” [66] Due to the upcoming election, the agreement will also benefit Trump; During a campaign, it is worth presenting yourself as an ambassador for peace, as many of his predecessors have done. Abraham`s agreements were concluded; This should be directed at evangelical Christians in the United States and support trump`s re-election to the White House.

Most Palestinians share their leaders` presentation of the agreements as a betrayal, Shikaki said, but they are also angry with Abbas for not addressing the parapublic warming trend between Israel and the Gulf countries for years. A majority believe that the agreements, with others to follow, put out of reach a negotiated two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian issue, perhaps permanently, he said. President Trump`s “Deal of the Century” to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians is a non-launcher. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted reluctantly by calling israel`s agreement of the United Arab Emirates “broad implications” in a press release, and Pakistan`s approach is guided by our assessment of how the rights and aspirations of Palestinians are being respected and how peace, security and stability are preserved in the region. [84] On 16 August 2020, Israel and the United Arab Emirates opened direct telephone services. [15] The emigrating company APEX National Investment and the Israeli group Tera have signed an agreement on partners in research on COVID-19, making it the first commercial contract between the companies of the two countries since the normalization of relations. [137] Mossad Director Yossi Cohen arrived in the United Arab Emirates on 18 August to discuss security policy cooperation, regional developments and issues with national security advisor Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan with National Security Adviser Tayoun al-Zayed Al Nahyan.