Forklift Maintenance Service Agreement

Our full maintenance customers already have enough to worry about running their business. Forklift downtime should not cripple your business. Toyota Lift`s JIT Full Maintenance Plan is a comprehensive solution that allows us to take care of the service of your forklifts. Let`s do the heavy lifting. Each service provider can distinguish itself from the way it offers maintenance contracts. The full maintenance and maintenance contracts that are planned generally follow what I have described above. Set your expectations and take a closer look at the proactive maintenance of your forklift fleet. It`s up to you to work with a distributor and tailor the maintenance contract to your needs. In the event of complete maintenance, dealers are often responsible for monitoring the entire preventive health of your forklift.

The real advantage is that people who work daily with the equipment in the car dealership now manage your forklift maintenance. If the dealer is able to work side by side with the customer, dealer staff is often in the best position to understand when repairs need to be done and parts need to be replaced before it affects your operation. This ensures additional safety when owning a fleet of forklifts. The monthly rate also helps you budget more easily, as costs don`t vary from month to month. Ideally, you don`t have to pay for each scheduled maintenance interval or for unforeseen repairs that come with owning the forklift. Monthly maintenance rates take into account a number of factors, such as the type of device. B, the use of forklifts, age, service history and the environment in which the forklift operates. Signing up your forklift for a full maintenance contract is like royal treatment. At the dealership where I come from, not only have you received everything included in the planned maintenance contract, but you have also had many other advantages, including: detailed inspections. Recommended repairs. Flexible bills. Bespoke planning.

In my experience with a Toyota forklift salesman, these are expectations that have been linked to a planned maintenance contract.