Dgs Master Service Agreements

MTG has entered into a master`s services contract with the California Department of General Services. F. Contractors were given the opportunity to provide information on the specific services provided under this MSA using the MSA marketing application form listed above in the contractor documents section. Agencies can use the MSA Contractor Marketing List in the Contractor Documents section above when sending RFOs. Utilities can access professional consulting services through MSA IT consulting. The command is active when the change is made. An out-of-date order cannot be changed. National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) B. While the State of California makes this MSA available to local authorities, each local authority must decide for itself whether the use of the MSA complies with its purchasing rules and rules. A local government authority includes all cities, counties, cities and counties, districts or other public agencies or agencies, including the systems of California State Universities (CSU) and the University of California (UC), K-12 schools and community colleges authorized to provide public funds. C. Council – For all transactions made by local authorities against this MSA, the contractor paid the DGS/PD an incentive fee of one per cent (1%) The total amount of the sales contract, including changes, excluding taxes and freight.

Local agencies should monitor their offer and subsequent contracts to ensure that the 1% fee is not included in the user agency`s purchase price and is not billed separately to the purchasing unit (user agency). All prices that the contractor offers to a local government authority must reflect the MSA rates awarded. The MSA SOW includes 25 (25) classifications. MSA contractors have agreed to meet the requirements of MSA SOW and to provide staff with the necessary training and experience for each ranking awarded. For more information, visit the RFP by clicking on this hyperlink RFP 5167010. MSA TERM: April 21, 2017 to April 20, 2021 or April 20, 2022 USER AGENCIES: State of California and local user agencies must not modify contracts to add classifications that have not been evaluated in the original RFO.