Client Agreement Degiro

The acquisition by flatex Bank is not yet complete. Customers` money is currently migrated to cash accounts at the flatex bank. Instead of keeping clients` money in cash, DEGIRO paid un invested client funds into cash funds. The Dutch regulator was obliged to do so. DEGIRO differs from most other brokers in the way it maintains clients` money. Instead of holding clients` money in cash, DEGIRO is required by the Dutch regulator to invest money funds in money funds that are not currently invested by clients. However, this will soon change, as customers` money will be migrated to Flatex bank accounts after the recent acquisition by flatex Bank AG. This is good news, as it enhances the security of DEGIRO and offers better investor protection of 100,000 euros for cash (and 20,000 euros of protection for your assets). By joining flatex`s banking network, DEGIRO will gradually renounce the use of money funds. The process will take time, but customers will not feel and will be covered from day one by higher investor protection. All entry or exit fees that the fund provider may collect are passed on by DEGIRO to the customer. You can only take off by bank transfer. E-wallets are only available to some residents, such as German or Spanish customers.

At DEGIRO, the basic currency of your account is usually the currency of your home country. This means, for example, that you have a GBP account if you register with as a British citizen. You can`t have more than one basic currency for an account. The registration process went very well. Once you`ve entered your personal data, download a scan with a valid identifier, then complete a questionnaire to prove that you understand the risks associated with trading shares, and then accept various legal and tax documents. It was surprisingly simple. Telephone and email support are available, but there is no live chat service. The Degiro interface is fine. It`s ugly, but it`s easy to use. But the worst part is that you still have to send emails and call for certain operations.

If you want to change your bank details, you need to send an email to customer service. If you have too often misled your password, you should call it to unlock your account. Fortunately, their customer service is very responsive. If you have paid €350 or more in transaction fees for a 60-day period, you are subject to a limit of €100,000. This is checked monthly.