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The British Prime Minister, TheresaMayk-mpfterdenBrexit-Dealmit t heEuropeanUnion.ItisindindrafterukBrexitsecretaryandothers eniorministersresigned. Theyquitbecauseofthe”final”dealthatMsMay agreedwithEurope.TheysaiditwasbadfortheUUndwouldnotallowth eUKtoleavetheEU.MsMaysaidhergovernmentmustchoosetoleaveth eUwithnodeal,riskBrexitneverhappening,orsupportherdeal. Shesai d:”Wecanchoosetoleavevithnodeal,wecanrisknoBrexitatall,orweca nchoosetouniteandsupportthebestdeal.” Brexit means “Britishexitfro mtheEuropeanUnion.” In2016.52%derelecteurvotedtoleavetheeE U.TheythoughtBritainwbestronoutoutoftheuTeuwantedth eUToTohavemorecontroltometradefuturetraagreementswithotherco untriesandbefreefromEUlaws.PeoplewhtededtostaybelievetheuKi sstrongeraspartoftheEU.TheUnitedKingdomisduetoleetoleEUonM arch29,2019.Itisstillunclearifthis.MsMay`sdraftdealhasfu rtherdividedthecountry. Many human beliefs, The government greetsothenewdeal. (…) The draft agreement further divided the country. Many people think that the British government will not approve the new agreement. (…) Don`t risk Brexit, or we can choose to unite and support the best deal that can be negotiated. ยป (…) Brexit means “the UK`s exit from the European Union.” On 23 June 2016, the British (…) never risk Brexit or support their agreement. She said: “The choice is clear. We can choose to leave without agreement, we can (…) on Thursday. Mr Raab said the deal was bad for the UK. British Prime Minister Theresa May is fighting to save the Brexit divorce deal with the European Union, and its (…) Ministers have resigned.

They resigned because of Mrs May`s “final” deal with Europe (…) – Work has been agreed. The Brexit deal is under threat after UK Brexit secretary Dominic Raab and other high-level (…) On 29 March 2019, at 11pm UK time, the EU is due to leave the EU. It is not yet known whether the UK will leave the EU or how. Thursday (…) EU law. Those who voted for retention believe that the UK is stronger as an integral part of the EU. The UK (…) voted to leave the EU. Nearly 52% of the electorate voted to leave. They voted in favour of exit (…) because they thought Britain was stronger outside the EU. They wanted the UK to do more (…) It has taken control of its future and has concluded trade agreements with other countries.

They also wanted to be free (…) to leave the EU.